Startrails Creator

Stunning startrails photos and animations in a snap

Startrails Creator Screenshot

Startrails Creator is an easy-to-use application to create star trail photos.

As light pollution become more and more severe, photographers no longer take extremely long exposure to get a star trail photos. Photographers now take a series of relatively short exposure photos, and use image-processing application to stack photos together and get one star trail photo.

This process is boring and time-consuming, even with the help of image processing “macro”s.

Startrails Creator makes this process simple and fast. With a few clicks, user can make a beautiful star trail photo without hussle.

Startrails Creator also have a relatively small memory footprint compare to the full-blown image-processing applications.

You can also create star trail animations in Animated GIF or Video with Startrails Creator.

Version History:

1.5 (2018-8-21)

We added time-lapse video support in Startrails Creator! Now you can create any kind of time-lapse video with Startrails Creator even if they are not startrails shots!

  1. New: Make time-lapse video.
  2. Fixed: You can now use Command-A to select all shots when add startrails shots and dark frames.
  3. Other minor tweaks and fixes.
1.4 (2018-3-30)

The long-awaited "Dark Frame Subtraction*" feature is here!

  1. Added dark frame subtraction during star trails composition.
  2. Other tweaks.

* Dark frame subtraction will only applied to final image.

1.3 (2018-2-28)
  1. New: EXIF data now preserved for ALL star trail photos!
  2. Bug fix.
1.2 (2018-2-26)
  1. Now star trail composition supports fill gaps.
  2. Other small tweaks.
1.1 (2018-2-21)
  1. New: Make star trail video and animated gif.
  2. Fixed several issues in previous version.
1.0 (2018-2-19)
  1. First release.