Xliff editor and viewer

Xliffr Screenshot

XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format) is the standard file format to pass data from Developers to Translators and between apps.

Xliff is XML-based, which is not friendly for translators who are not good at reading raw xml code. Xliffr supports Xcode-generated xliff files, and helps translators to manipulate xliff files and provides a user-friendly UI to translate in.

Xliffr now supports export xliff file to strings files.

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Version History:

1.3.2 (2018-2-27)
  1. Fixed an issue in some occasions during search, user modification may not take effect.
1.3.1 (2018-2-6)
  1. Fixed issue with export to strings files for UI files (nib, xib, storyboards).
  2. Handle new line characters in translation correctly while export to strings file.
  3. Fixed invalid export file name for strings file.
1.3 (2018-2-5)
  1. Export any file/all files in Xliff to strings file(s).
  2. Bug fix.
1.2 (2018-1-28)
  1. Now you can undo any changes to xliff file.
  2. Improved search and make search results more accurate.
  3. Added support for recent search.
  4. Bug fixes.
1.1 (2018-1-26)
  1. Bug fixes and misc improvements.
1.0 (2018-1-25)
  1. First release.