Focus on modern macOS and iOS app development

All our apps are written in Swift 4, and build against latest macOS and iOS SDK, to get best safety, compatibility and stability.

macOS apps support 10.10 and up; iOS apps support iOS 8 and up. Our apps can run on all modern Apple devices.

Apps are built against latest macOS and iOS SDK, written with Swift 4. It ensures our apps to get upgrades very shortly after latest macOS and iOS releases.

Our developers have more than 6 years of iOS and macOS dev experience. We start make macOS and iOS apps as early as Mac OS X 10.5 and iOS 3.0.

Our Apps

Startrails Creator (macOS)

Say goodbye to boring photo stacking in PS. With Startrails Creator, you can easily make stunning startrails photos, videos and GIF animations.

Haru (iOS)

Haru is a weather forecast app specially designed for ameteurs astronomers. It provides transparency, seeings and other astronomy-related informations up to 72 hours.

Xliffr (macOS)

Xliffr is an xliff editor, it supports Xcode-generated xliff file. Translators can forcus on translations and not need to care about XML stuff any more. All our apps uses Xliffr for localization.

Hash Calculator 2 (macOS)

Hash Calculator 2 is fully re-written for modern macOS. It supports MD5, SHA1, SHA2, etc. The new Finder integration let you check file hashes without leaving Finder window.

Haru (macOS)

Haru is the first astronomy-centric weather app on macOS. It provides the same user experience as its iOS version. You can check detailed weather info when you plan an observersion.

SHA3 Calculator (macOS)

SHA3 Calculator is the first SHA3-specific file and text hash application. SHA3 is the next generation secure hash algorithm, it's a successor to the popular SHA2 hash algorithm family.